Q’s オーストラリアレポート

Australian Coffee and Cafe Food


There are even more cafes in Australia than I remember and the coffee just keeps getting better!

Breakfast wrap

Brekky (breakfast) Wraps are very popular these days.


Nearly all coffee is made by baristas. Some of them are so popular they have become minor celebrities!


I finally had an Australian pizza. They taste amazing but are definitely not diet food.

Hiking on Mount Coolum

Mt Coolum 1

There is a beautiful little mountain on the Sunshine Coast called ‘Mount Coolum’.

Mt Coolum 2

My brother and I went hiking there last week.

Mt Coolum 3
The view from the top was amazing!

Back in Australia!

I have finally made it back to Australia after almost 6 years away (without visiting!). I am glad to be home, but I will miss Japan.


The good news: While I was away, my parents moved from Bendigo in Victoria to sunny Queensland: into a beach resort apartment!



The bad news: I had only been on the beautiful Sunshine Coast a few days when Cyclone Debbie hit…

My town was mostly OK, but other places were not so lucky.



Only 4 days to go…

There are only 4 days to go until I get on a plane and fly back to Australia! I haven’t been back for almost 6 years. I’m getting a little nervous…

One of my teachers gave me this cake as a going away present. Yum!

English Tip: The packet says it’s ‘Jamaica’ rum cake, but it should be written as ‘Jamaican‘ (It was made by a German company).