School Uniforms

Do you have to wear a uniform to your junior high or high school? Many Australian students do too!


Some schools require their students to wear formal uniforms. This means that male students must wear a tie and jacket, which contains the official school logo. And female students must wear a tie, jacket, and skirt. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


Informal uniforms usually include a polo shirt and comfortable cotton pants. Girls can choose whether to wear skirts or pants. And shirts don’t always have to be tucked in!


Some schools require that all students wear identical uniforms, so everyone looks the same.


But other schools allow “mix-and-match” uniforms. This means that there are maybe 3-5 official school shirts, and 2-3 official school bottoms. Students can create their own outfit from these options, rather than having to wear the same thing everyday.

And don’t forget to wear your official school hat with your uniform. Australia is very, very sunny!