M’s フォトダイアリー



I could finally visit my family in Australia for Christmas this year after not meeting for three years. It was so nice to go back to Australia, it was summer and the weather and temperature was very comfortable, hot but not humid.


I could relax and spend time with family, and the last week we stayed at the beach, it was very beautiful there.


I’m so relieved I could go back to visit. The pandemic made it very difficult for a lot of people to see their family, so I’m happy I got this chance. I’m looking forward to visit again next Christmas.




I hope everybody is enjoying summer holiday! I was very surprised when I moved to Japan that students are very busy even in holiday time, in Australia we have no homework, club or school activities in our holidays, it’s a very nice and relaxing time to spend with our family and friends. Usually we are swimming or having a barbecue or maybe visiting the beach.

In Australia, summer is in December/ January, and the school year ends before summer holidays, so it’s a very exciting time for kids, we have Christmas and New Year (and my birthday, haha), and from January the new school year begins.

This photo is the sunset from the front yard of my family home near Christmas time. The sunset in Australia is usually very vivid and beautiful. I hope everyone can have some time to relax and be with their family as well as doing homework and studying 🙂 Enjoy your holidays!

Golden Week

It’s been a nice relaxing week. The weather has been very strange this year, some days are very hot and then suddenly the next day is very cold or rainy again, but we’ve had some nice days in golden week. I hope you have all had a nice break as well!

I’ve tried to avoid crowded places but I’ve been able to spend time with some of my good friends, it’s been good to catch up with them.

I took this photo on Santorini Island in Greece a few years ago, we can see a beautiful sunset from the coast there.

Spring Change


This is a very nice time of year. A new season and new changes. Especially for students, the new school year means lots of good possibilities. I love seeing cherry blossoms and have taken lots of photo of them over the years, it’s nice to have a picnic or meet friends outside at this time of year.

This is taken of cherry blossoms in the river after they’ve fallen from the trees, it feels very peaceful I think to see them floating in the river.

Swans in Prague


This is a photo I took of swans in the river in Prague from when I visited a few years ago. On that trip, I went to Budapest, Austria and Prague, it was my first time to visit those places.

Lots of people told me I would love Prague, but actually it was too busy with tourists at that time, it was difficult to feel relaxed and some people working in shops were not so polite. I loved the scary statues around the city but I enjoyed Budapest and Austria much more.

Budapest is a beautiful city, and people were so kind. I’d love to go back to visit again in the future.

Late summer


This is a photo of a street in my neighbourhood taken after a summer festival, it was nice timing to see the end of the sunset and the moon together in the sky at the same time. I like this time of year.

Welcome to my gallery

This is a gallery of some photos I’ve taken, I hope you can enjoy them. I take photos using vintage film cameras only, no digital photos.

Some of my photos have been shown in art galleries or in magazines, so I’m happy to share them. I took this photo of a butterfly at Obu station.