Caravan Holidays

Have you ever been on a family holiday? Did you stay in a hotel? A tent? A Car?!


People in different countries enjoy different types of vacations. In Australia, many people like to use a caravan on vacation. A caravan is like a tiny house on wheels. It has beds, a kitchen, a toilet, living area, and sometimes even a TV!


Sometimes people attach a caravan to the back of their car, and drive the car pulling the caravan behind. This is called a trailer caravan. Other people prefer self-contained caravans, which means the steering wheel is inside the caravan.


As long as you have petrol in your tank, there is no limit to where you can travel to in an Australian caravan holiday. Some people like to travel up the coast of Australia and enjoy a beach holiday on the Sunshine Coast. Other people like to rent a caravan and drive around the small island of Tasmania.


When you have a caravan, you don’t need to book a hotel. You don’t need to book plane tickets. You can cook your own meals on vacation. You don’t need to worry about finding a nearby toilet. You can simply get into your car and drive to anywhere in Australia. Do you think you would enjoy a caravan holiday?