The Lookout from Dandenong Ranges

Tea with scones-- my favourite!

Tea with scones– my favourite!


In my quest to become acquainted with my new city of Melbourne, last weekend I looked up “cafes with a good view” near me. (Google maps is so handy!) I love to drink coffee and tea, especially in beautiful places, so I thought it was a good place to start.


Majestic view from Sky High lookout

Life-sized maze behind the lookout point

My search took me to a little café on the side of a mountain, located close to the Dandenong Ranges West of Melbourne. They had a great deal on* tea and scones, which is one of my favourite breakfasts. I ordered a pot of hot English breakfast tea with milk, and 2 scones with thickened cream and raspberry jam. It was absolutely delightful on a cold, misty morning in the mountains.


Life-sized maze behind the lookout point

Life-sized maze behind the lookout point

About 10 minutes’ drive from the café, there is a famous lookout point called “Sky High Mount Dandenong.” I drove there, and paid a little money to go to the top. From there I could see a panoramic view of Melbourne; from the Mornington Peninsula all the way to Port Philip Bay, over to the You Yang ridges on the South side. It was amazing.

The Giant's Chair

The Giant’s Chair

Although I unfortunately didn’t have time to visit them, there looked to be other interesting attractions at the Sky High site. There was an English garden maze. It had very tall bushes (200 cm+) that were trimmed into a maze pattern. You have to try and find your way from the maze entrance to the exit, and it is very challenging. Also, there was also The Giant’s Chair—wish I had gotten some photographs here. Maybe next time!