Organic Food in Australia

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Organic food is very popular in Australia. In Australia, ‘organic’ means that the food was grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components (GMOs). These products are usually more expensive that non-organic varieties. Many people are willing to pay the extra cost for health or environmental reasons.

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Fruits and vegetables are the foods most associated with being organic here. However, many other types of product are sold with that label. For example: Meats (from cattle feed on organic grass), detergents, oils, chocolates, teas and coffees.

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Unfortunately, the term ‘organic’ is not closely regulated, and some companies call their products organic when in fact they use chemicals while growing them. Many people are unaware of this, and there are regular news stories about products being exposed as not really being organic in spite of the label and high price.

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Some people don’t trust the supermarkets, and go directly to local organic farms to buy their food. There are many small businesses all over Australia setup to appeal to these customers. Even though the situation is not perfect, the demand for organic food is increasing, and the law regarding it is steadily improving.