Fire map

While not as common as in Japan, Australia too has its share of natural disasters. Currently, there a great many bush fires burning here, especially on the East Coast. Some of them are so big that they can’t be bought under control, and firefighters must wait until conditions change before they can deal with them.

Danger sign

There are many factors that increase the risk of and intensity of fires. Long droughts, the amount of dry vegetation, wind and extreme heat during heat waves are some examples. When many of of these factors align the chance of fires occurring is very high. Signs displaying the current fire danger can be seen all over the country.


Smoke can be seen and smelt even in places that are a long way from the fires. The smoke is unpleasant, can cause health problems and interferes with flights. Sometimes it can be seen from space. This happens most years, but this year it feels worse, and the smoke seems to be everywhere.


Firefighters from places like New Zealand, Canada and the USA flew over to Australia to help. Australia often sends fire fighters to these countries to assist when they need help. Many people think that due to global warming there will be more fires in the future and that they will be even more destructive.