Australian Insects


The Ulysses Butterfly is a swallowtail butterfly found in and around Australia. They are also known as the Mountain Blue Butterfly or the Blue Emperor. They can have a wingspan of up to 13 cm. Males are attracted to the colour blue and will fly towards anything blue from 30 metres away.


The Red Baron dragonfly is bright red and usually found living around lagoons and ponds in Australia and New Guinea. Using its four long, horizontal wings it can reach fly up to 35 miles an hour and fly just as gracefully backward by lifting off vertically, helicopter style. Its compound eyes are so large they nearly touch, and each one is made up of about 28,000 single eyes, called ommatidia.

jewel bug

Australia has many colourful jewel beetles. In the past their attractive shells have been used as jewellery or in religious ceremonies. Their colours do not come from pigments but are due to light diffraction by the microscopic structure of their shells. Amazingly, they can greatly delay their larval development in bad environmental conditions for over 25 years! The single longest delayed emergence was a record 51 years.

stick insect

The Giant Prickly Stick Insect is a large stick insect that can grow up to 15 cm long. The males are smaller than females but have long wings and can fly. Stick insects are nocturnal and docile by nature. They eat the leaves of blackberry, raspberry, oak, rose, hazel, and eucalyptus. They have an amazing defence strategy: they will curl up their tail to mimic a scorpion to bluff off predators when threatened.