Tulip Festival – Melbourne


When was the last time that you moved to a new place? Did you move to a new house? City? A new country?!
This year I have done all 3! I love moving to new places because I get to explore all the interesting new sights and areas. My new city is Melbourne, and it has been voted one of the world’s best cities for several years in a row. I am keen to find out why!


To begin with, it seems many people like Melbourne because there are heaps of interesting things to do. In particular, FESTIVALS. Whether it is comedy, music, arts, film, design, or nature, Melbourne always has some type of festival happening.


Right now, the world-famous Tesselaar Tulip festival is on everyday between September 14 – October 15. Each week or weekend has a different theme; One weekend is Jazz themed, one is especially for children, and the other weeks have around-the-world themes, such as Turkish dancing, or Irish music to enjoy while at the farm. Of course, on any day you can simply go with your friends and stroll through the flowers, drinking wine and taking pictures of yourselves.


This kind of festival sounds like a dream to me—so fun, relaxing and beautiful. Are you into festivals**? How do you find new and interesting places to visit in your city?

**“I am into festivals” means “I really enjoy festivals.” What are you “into?”