Site of Reversible Destiny


Yesterday afternoon I went to a really interesting and beautiful park in Yoro city, Gifu. It is called “The Site of Reversible Destiny” (養老天命反転地) and was built by two artists, Shusaku Arakawa and poet Madeline Gins in 1995. It’s really cool!


It has a lot of strange places to explore, many things to climb and a beautiful view. There is an indoor area which has baths, ovens and sofas sticking out from the walls. It’s a great place for relaxing and taking photos.



I took these photos using a film camera and a special film which changes the colours of things, it makes green trees change to purple. It’s nice for this kind of scene.


If you have time, I really recommend visiting this park once, it’s like visiting another planet! I’m always interested in finding unusual or interesting places to visit, if you know any which are good please tell me 🙂

By Michael